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Honda Civic Charging System Wiring Diagram

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Honda Civic charging system wiring diagram for the Honda Civic 2006. This diagram applies to Honda Civic FD also known as Honda Civic Eight Generation or Honda Civic model years 2006-2011.

The main part of the Honda Civic charging system is the alternator. It generates an AC voltage in its field coils that is changed into a DC voltage by a set of rectifier diodes. The DC voltage is then fed to a voltage regulator that is controlled by the ECM/PCM (Engine Control Module/Powertrain Control Module) with the help of the ELD (Electrical Load Detector) unit. The ELD unit senses the amount of current being drained from the battery. The information from the ELD unit is then used by the ECM/PCM to alter the alternator field coil strength. This, in turn, adjusts the output voltage of the alternator to meet the current requirement of the battery and maintain the charging voltage.

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Honda Civic charging system wiring diagram showing how the ELD unit and the ECM/PCM module controls the alternator
Figure 1. Honda Civic Charging System Wiring Diagram

Honda Civic Charging System Component Location

Picture showing the component locations of Honda Civic charging system
Figure 2. Honda Civic Charging System Component Location

Alternator Removal and Installation


One – Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio, or the navigation system, then write down the customer’s audio presets.

Two – Disconnect the negative cable from the battery first, then disconnect the positive cable.

Three – Remove the drive belt. Set a wrench on the drive belt auto-tensioner from above the engine, and slowly turn the wrench in the direction shown, then remove the drive belt. NOTE: This is a hydraulic type auto-tensioner; you must turn the wrench slowly.

A picture illustrating how to remove the drive belt of the alternator

Four – Disconnect the alternator connector (A) and BLK wire (B) from the alternator.

Picture depicting how to remove the wires and connectors of the alternator

Five – Remove the harness connector (C) and harness clamps (D) from the alternator.

Six – Remove the alternator.

Picture explaining how to remove the alternator on a Honda Civic


One – Install the alternator.

Picture showing in great detail how to install the alternator whic is a part of Honda Civic charging system

Two – Connect the alternator connector (A) and BLK wire (B) to the alternator.

A picture showing to install the alternator connectors on Honda Civic charging system

Three – Install the harness connector (C) and harness clamp (D) to the alternator.

Four – Install the drive belt. Install the new belt in the reverse order of removal.

Picture showing how to remove the drive belt on Honda Civic charging system

Five – Connect the positive cable to the battery first, then connect the negative cable.

Six – Enter the anti-theft code for the radio or navigation system, then enter the customer’s audio presets.

Seven – Set the clock.

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