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Honda Civic Condenser Radiator Wiring Diagram

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Honda Civic aircon condenser and radiator wiring diagram for the Honda Civic 2006. This diagram applies to Honda Civic FD also known as Honda Civic Eight Generation or Honda Civic model years 2006-2011.

Description of the Air Conditioning Condenser and Radiator Wiring Diagram

The Honda Civic cooling fan controls wiring diagram is shown in Figure 1. The system includes the A/C (Air Conditioning) condenser fan motor, the radiator fan motor, the A/C condenser fan relay, the radiator fan relay, the fan control relay, the PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) sub-relay, the ignition switch, the ECM/PCM (Engine Control Module/Powertrain Control Module), the two (2) engine coolant temperature sensors, and several fuses.

Based on the diagram, the condenser fan motor and the radiator fan motor are both controlled by the fan control relay. The radiator fan speed switches from low speed to high speed when the fan control relay is activated by the ECM/PCM module. At the same time, the condenser fan relay is activated, thereby turning on the A/C condenser motor too. The switching is done by the ECM/PCM based on the temperatures from the two (2) engine coolant temperature sensors.

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Diagram of Honda Civic air conditioning fan and radiator fan including their control relays
Figure 1. Honda Civic Aircon Condenser and Radiator Wiring Diagram

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Diagram showing the component locations of the air conditioning and radiator system
Figure 2. Honda Civic Cooling Fan Controls Component Location

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