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Honda Civic Ignition System Wiring Diagram

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Honda Civic ignition system wiring diagram for the Honda Civic 2006. This diagram applies to Honda Civic FD also known as Honda Civic Eight Generation or Honda Civic model years 2006-2011.

The Honda Civic ignition system is composed of the ECM/PCM (Engine Control Module/Powertrain Control Module), the battery, a 15-ampere fuse, the ignition coil relay, the four (4) ignition coils, and the four (4) spark plugs.

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Honda Civic ignition system wiring diagram including the ignition coil relay, ECM/PCM, ignition coils and the spark plugs.
Figure 1. Honda Civic Ignition System

Honda Civic Ignition System Component Location

A picture showing the locations of the components of Honda Civic ignition system
Figure 2. Location of Honda Civic Ignition System Components

Honda Civic Ignition Coil Removal

STEP 1 – Disconnect the ignition coil connectors (A), then remove the ignition coils (B).

Picture showing in detail how to remove the ignition coils
Figure 3. How to Remove the Honda Civic Ignition Coils

STEP 2 – Install the ignition coils in the reverse order of removal.

Spark Plug Inspection

One – Inspect the electrodes and ceramic insulator.

  • Burned or worn electrodes may be caused by:
    • Advanced ignition timing
    • Loose spark plug
    • Plug heat range too hot
    • Insufficient cooling
  • Fouled plugs may be caused by:
    • Retarded ignition timing
    • Oil in combustion chamber
    • Incorrect spark plug gap
    • Plug heat range too cold
    • Excessive idling/low speed running
    • Clogged air cleaner element
    • Deteriorated ignition coils
Picture of a spark plug which is part of the ignition system
Figure 4. Spark Plug Inspection

Two – If the spark plug electrode is dirty or contaminated, clean the electrode with a plug cleaner.

Do not use a wire brush or scrape the iridium electrode since this will damage the electrode.
Use a chemical cleaner such as Carb Spray to clean contamination on the electrode.
When using a sand blaster spark plug cleaner, do not clean for more than 20 seconds to avoid damaging the electrode.

Three – Do not adjust the gap (A) of iridium tip plugs; replace the spark plug if the gap is out of specification.

Electrode Gap Standard (New): 1.0-1.1 mm (0.039-0.043 in.) 

Picture of a spark plug with the proper gap
Figure 5. Spark Plug Electrode Gap

Four – Replace the plug at the specified interval or if the center electrode is rounded (A). Use only the listed spark plugs.

Picture showing a defective spark plug which is part of the Honda Civic ignition system
Figure 6. A Spark Plug with a Rounded Electrode

Five – Apply a small amount of anti-seize compound to the plug threads, and screw the plugs into the cylinder head, finger-tight. Then torque them to 25 N·m (2.5 kgf·m, 18 lbf·ft).

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