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How to Change the IP Address of PLDT Routers

Diagram showing how to change IP address of PLDT routers

PLDT routers, by default, use the IP address of If a PLDT router is to be integrated into an existing LAN network that uses a different subnet, then, we need to change the IP address of PLDT routers.

PLDT routers provide two accounts for logging into the web admin page for setting the router’s configuration. One of the two accounts, the “admin” account, will not allow you to change the router’s IP address. The second account, the “adminpldt” account, is the real administrative account that gives you the power to change every router option, including changing the IP address of the router.

The problem with the “adminpldt” account is that it is disabled by default. Before you can use the account, you need to first log in using a Super Admin account to switch on or enable the “adminpldt” account. After that, you can log in as “adminpldt”.

In short, to be able to change the IP address of PLDT routers, you need to know several key information. First, what is the Super Admin account username and what is its password. Second, what is the password for the account “adminpldt”. And third, you need to know the IP address of the web admin interface. PLDT does not freely share this information in order to keep people from breaking their routers through mis-configuration. As a matter of fact, they have changed the passwords several times in the past.

Here are the key information that we need:

Step by step guide on how to change the IP address of PLDT routers.

Step 1

Open an internet browser. Type the address “” on the address bar and press the “enter key”.

Internet browser annotated with the URL or the IP address of the web admin login page for changing the IP address of PLDT routers
Google Chrome Browser Annotated with IP Address

Notice that the browser is redirected to “” as shown in the browser’s address bar.

PLDT router login page form for changing the IP address of PLDT routers
Login Page of PLDT Router’s Web Admin Interface

Step 2

Log into the web admin interface using the Super Admin account. Owing to the fact that typing in both the username and the password is prone to errors, it is a good idea to simply copy and paste both of them.

The web admin login page annotated with the default username and password of PLDT routers.
Web Admin Login Page Annotated with Super Admin Credentials

PLDT Super Admin Trivia: Previously, the Super Admin username was “fiberhomesuperadmin” and the password was “sfuhgu”. The password was easy to remember as it is the acronym for the types of fiber optics routers, namely, Single Family Unit and Home Gateway Unit. They later made the username and password gibberish by inserting shifted keys sequentially, starting from the left-topmost key of the keyboard.

Step 3

Click on the “Debug Switch” option under the “Device Management” Menu.

The management menu of super admin account showing the debug switch for enabling the admin account switch in order to change the IP address of PLDT routers
Management Menu of Super Admin Account

Step 4

Enable the “Web Admin Switch” by clicking the “Enable” button. Then click the “Apply” button under it.

You may also want turn on the “Telnet Switch”. This will come handy later on if we need to use Telnet to recover a previously set “adminpldt” password. To enable the “Telnet Switch”, do the same procedure used in enabling the “Web Admin Switch”. Click the “Enable” button, and then, click the “Apply” button under it.

Finally, click the “Logout” near the top right corner of the window.

The debug switch settings which includes the telnet switch, the web admin switch, and the omci debug switch.
Annotated Debug Switch Settings

Step 5

Log in using the “adminpldt” account. If you opened a new internet browser window, make sure to type the correct web admin URL:

The login page for the router's web admin interface showing the default admin username and password of PLDT routers.
Web Admin Login Page Annotated with adminpldt Credentials

Possible problems to be encountered

After clicking the “Login” button, an unsuccessful login will result in either one of the two error messages.

The first error message, “Admin account Unavailable!”, means that the “Web Admin Switch” in Step 4 was not properly enabled and applied. You must repeat the process from Step 1 to Step 4. Make sure to click the “Apply” button after selecting the “Enable” button.

The second error message, “Username or Password Error!, may be caused by the following:

  1. Wrong URL: make sure you type in the browser’s address bar the complete web admin URL, and not only.
  2. Mistyped username and/or password. Check the entered username and password. Do a copy and paste instead of manually typing in the long default password.
  3. The router’s password for the “adminpldt” account has been previously set to a new value. The default password only works if the router has not been previously configured. The router requires anyone initially logging in using the default password to immediately replace the password for the “adminpldt” account. Therefore, if someone has previously configured the router, the “adminpldt” account password is already different from its default value.

    Solution A: Do a hardware reset or reset the router to its default factory configuration.

    Solution B: Hack or recover the currently set password using the Telnet command.
  4. The same error message may appear if PLDT replaced the “adminpldt” password again. This may be solved by Solution B above. If PLDT also replaced the Super Admin username and/or password, there are sufficient information on the net on how to hack it. It may be hacked by tearing down the router and connecting a computer to its serial port.

Step 6

Below is a screenshot of the router’s configuration main menu after a successful login using the “adminpldt” account.

Screenshot of the web admin main menu using the adminpldt account for changing the IP address of PLDT routers.
Web Admin Main Menu

Select the “Network” item on the Main Menu of the web interface. On the left sidebar, click on the “LAN Settings” item. Under the “LAN Setup” is the “LAN Interface” which refers to the IP address of the router. You may now change the IP address of the router.

Warning: Remember or write down the IP address that you typed on the LAN interface textbox. After rebooting the router, you will need the IP address you typed here to access the router’s configuration web page again. If you forget the IP address, you might end up doing a hardware reset of the router.

The LAN Settings page under the Network item, the configuration page to change the IP address of PLDT routers.
Network-LAN Settings Page Annotated

Click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen. A message will appear with the text: “Please reboot to apply!”.

The management-device-management-device-reboot page to make the changes to IP address of PLDT routers permanent after a reboot
Management-Device Management-Device Reboot Page Annotated

To reboot the router, click the “Management” item on the Main Menu. Then select “Device Management” on the sidebar. Next, click the “Device Reboot” on the sidebar. Finally, click the “Reboot” button.

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