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How to Get Root Access on a PLDT Router

To get root access on a PLDT router means having unrestricted access to the router’s operating system. This allows you to change everything on the router, not only its configuration. With a root access, you can customize the router to suit your particular needs.

Why Need a Root Access on a PLDT Router?

First, there is a problem with PLDT routers regarding its user account. The user account for accessing the web interface in order to configure the router is too restricted. The username “admin” with its default password of “1234” is used to access the router’s web interface for configuration. This user account will let you change the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) configuration of the router. And nothing more. This is very restrictive to advanced users who need to set up the router on other entirely different environments.

Second, the admin account with the username “adminpldt”, that allows you to get a access to a plethora of configuration options suitable for advanced users, is always changing. If you happen to get hold of the right password to configure your router, you are lucky, you can change the router’s configuration to your liking. But the next time that you try to re-configure your router, the password may not work anymore.

Third, the admin account “adminpldt” is disabled by default. Moreover, even if you succeed in enabling this admin account, it gets disabled every time you turn off the router. Even if you have the right password for the “adminpldt” account, you will need another set of username and password to enable the “adminpldt”. And to make it even worst, this other other set of username and password called Super Admin account, also changes once in a while.

Therefore, if you are unable to access the router’s configuration interface, the need for a root access is necessary.

Ways of Getting Root Access

It is possible to get a root access or a root shell on a PLDT router in two ways. The first one is done by connecting to the router’s serial port. This entails opening the router’s case and connecting wires to the router. We will use the second way which is easier and purely software based.

Step 1 – Enable the router’s telnet switch

A. Open an internet browser

B. On the address bar, type in “” and press the “enter” key.

C. Log in using the credentials below:

D. Enable the Telnet Switch by clicking on the “Enable” button and then clicking the “Apply” button beneath it.

E. Click the “Logout” near the upper right corner of the window.

Step 2 – Open a Terminal or a Command Prompt

On a Linux machines, open a terminal window. On Windows machine, open a command prompt.

Step 3 – Telnet into the Router

A. Use the command below:

B. Log in using the username “gepon” and the password “gepon”.

C. At the “User>” prompt, type “ddd” and press the “enter” key.

D. At the “WRI(DEBUG_H)>” prompt, type in “shell” and press the “enter” key.

E. You will get a message saying “Please use port 26 to telnet”.

F. Close the terminal or the command prompt window.

G. Open a new terminal or a new command prompt window.

H. Telnet again into the router but by this time we will use port 26.

I. At the “(none) login:” prompt, log in using the credentials below:

You should now have a root shell indicated by a regular Linux prompt:

You may now use Linux Bash shell commands to explore the router’s system.

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8 thoughts on “How to Get Root Access on a PLDT Router”

  1. There is a way, just got it today, find your ONT serial number, I think you can see it in the router itself, nakasulat ata sa ilalim. Or you can go to adminpldt, management, log, there you can see SerialNumber:xxxxxxx

    Go to this page “” paste your sn, you will get two passwords, use the one on the left as the first password, then use the one on the right when the first one is incorrect, as instructed in the webpage “If the first variant didn’t work, please try the 6 char variant.”

    password:xxxxx or xxxxxx

    Reply if it worked or if you have questions.

    1. Hi, I can’t type the password in cmd, it just doesn’t show up on the screen, nothing shows up until i press the enter first but the cursor will move underneath it.

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