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How to Make a Bootable Flash Drive for OS Install

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USB Flash Drives are cheap nowadays. Also, they have become readily available. As a result, flash drives have become the main medium for installing operating systems, replacing CDROMs and DVDs. We will therefore concentrate on how to make a bootable flash drive to create an installer.

An ISO image is a sector-by-sector copy of an optical drive installer disk. In other words, the image is intended to be used for burning a CDROM or a DVD ROM to make an installer. For this reason, if a USB flash drive is to be used, we can not simply copy the ISO image to a flash drive. The ISO image has to be copied sector-by-sector into the flash drive. This would make the flash drive emulate an optical disk.

Tools for Creating a Bootable Flash Drive

Microsoft Windows 10 Flash Drive Installer

Microsoft let us download Windows 10 from their website, and subsequently, create a USB flash drive installer.

First, we have to download the Media Creation Tool. We can download it at

One of the popular utility for creating a bootable ISO image is Rufus.

Rufus for Windows
Rufus for Booting ISO Image

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