How to Reset PLDT Router to Defaults

Image showing the reset button resetting to default factory configuration

Let’s say you want to make configuration changes to your PLDT router. But you forgot your router’s admin password. Or maybe it was someone else who set up the router before and the person is not around anymore. For those reasons, you can not log in to the router’s web admin page. You can solve this problem with a simple procedure: reset the PLDT router to its factory defaults.

If anyone has changed any of the router’s default configuration, then, the default password has also been changed. This is because the first time that a user logs into the router’s web admin interface, the router requires the user to immediately change the default password.

Therefore, if you do not know the currently set admin password of the router, the only way to access the configuration of the router is to do a hardware reset.

Hardware reset to reset PLDT router to defaults

To reset the PLDT router to its defaults, press the reset switch at the back of the router for about 10 seconds. Use a small pointed tool like a paper clip to depress the reset switch is accessible via a small hole at the back of the router. Wait for the router’s lights to turn off before releasing the switch.

After a reboot following a hardware reset, the router reverts to its default configuration.

Default “admin” account

The “admin” account will let you change the SSID names of the wireless LAN and other WLAN related settings.

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: 1234
The admin account main page showing the main menu after resetting the PLDT router to defaults
PLDT Router Configuration Web Page Showing Main Menu for the “admin” Account

Default “adminpldt” account

The “adminpldt” account is the more powerful admin account with full access to most of the router’s setting options. The “adminpldt” account has to be enabled first by logging on as “fiberhomesuperadmin”.

IP Address:
Username: adminpldt
Password: z6dUABtl270qRxt7a2uGTiw
The admin web page showing the login screen after the resetting the router to factory defaults
The Admin Login Page at IP Address
Initial login message with a message to modify the password for adminpldt account after a hardware reset or reset to factory defaults
Initial Login Message Showing the Need to Provide a New Password for the “adminpldt” account
The account management screen showing the entry of a new password for adminpldt account in order to reset PLDT router to it factory default configuration
Change Password Screen
Administrative web page for adminpldt account showing the main menu for configuring the router after a reset of PLDT router to factory defaults
Main Menu of “adminpldt” account

Default “fiberhomesuperadmin” account

The “fiberhomesuperadmin” is the account used for enabling the “adminpldt” account mentioned above.

20July2020 UPDATE: For the latest Super Admin Account username and password, please read, Default Username and Password of PLDT Routers 2019

IP Address:
Username: f~i!b@e#r$h%o^m*esuperadmin
Password: s(f)u_h+g|u
Main window of the admin web page using the fiberhomesuperadmin superadmin account after a hardware reset
Main Window of Admin Web Page using “fiberhomesuperadmin” account

The hardware reset also changes the SSID names of the wireless LAN to its default names and passwords, as stamped at the back of the router.

Summary on How to Reset PLDT Router to Defaults

To reset a PLDT router to its factory default setting, press the reset switch at the back of the router. After the router reboot, the router’s “admin” account and “adminpldt” account revert to their original passwords. You can use the “admin” account to change the wireless LAN settings. Also, you can use the “adminpldt” account to make configuration changes not available in the “admin” account.

Video on How to Hard Reset/Factory reset PLDT Home Fibr Router

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  1. Good day I been suffering 4 days no internet connection after I reset my pldtfiber wifi. How many times I call to 171 but same procedure asking and reset of doing and telling to wait for 6-10 days for d technical team come to my haws, now dat we all suffering lockdown I don’t want too other people come (Juz for family security health)and waiting for 6-10days, it’s cause somuch days specially 4days now I no internet, den wait for 10days is counts dat my Whole 15days will be waisted den my bill is still same on counted as monthly? Did it sounds very unfair as a consumer of pldt. ? First now dat was lockdown I know der are aware dat maybe der will be some problem and have an technical settings .as of now u know my complaint can anyone please help me to working on it. I need an internet to connect on my family abroad. Thanks in advance.

    1. @Jennet
      I can see this was posted back in April so this must be resolved by now but here’s a thought for you, if this ever happens again…
      You could make sure you have data on your phone and then tether your phone to your computer (wifi hotspot on your phone). Then connect a network cable from your computer to your router.
      Your computer would have Internet access and you could have someone connect remotely to your computer and use the computer’s connection to the router to reconfigure the router so that the Internet connection on the router could be restored.
      This is easily done for someone who knows what they are doing. Only takes about 30 mins.

      1. Hi Sir Steve,
        Patulong naman. Can you please give me the full instruction how to do it po.
        I hard reset our modem (pldt home fibr HG8145V). And after nun wala ng internet wala di rin ma access ang telephone nagbibeep lang.
        Thank you!

  2. I reset my PLDT PREPAID WIFI and expected it to come back in Default Setting YET somehow I could not use the default wifi password and kept saying that the password is incorrect or denied access. I never changed my password in the beginning, the password had always been the same to the default one and I just reset it for load purpose (that I guess I shouldn’t have done for). What should I do now? It’s been also days and this MODEM is still new, it has not been a week yet using this. Please reply, I really badly need help.

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