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Restore Windows Photo Viewer with a Simple Tweak

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If you upgraded your Windows from an older version to the new Microsoft Windows 10 version, you would find out that you have a new image viewer. If you clicked on an image file, say a picture file with a .jpg or a .png extension, you would need to wait for a minute before you see the picture. If this is the case, it is better to restore the Windows Photo Viewer.

Windows 10 has a new image browsing application called Microsoft Photos. It’s a modern application that is why it is very slow (?).

If you want to use the old but fast image browsing application, you need to change some Windows system registry keys. The Windows Photo Viewer is actually still installed on your Windows 10 system but only disabled. Changing the proper system registry keys will enable and restore the application.

Here is the simple tweak:

If you do not know how to manually change the Windows system registry, download the file below and run it. It will automatically change the necessary registry keys in order to use the Windows Photo Viewer.

After running the file, right click an image file, select “Open with”, and choose Windows Photo Viewer from the menu.

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